What Is the Entourage Effect?

Entourage Effect

What Is the Entourage Effect? 

If you are someone who has been introduced to hemp-derived products, CBD oils, or cannabis products, you may already know about the various benefits that cannabis/hemp can provide. Nowadays, CBD and other compounds are extracted from cannabis and used for various therapeutic effects. But, most people don't know about things like the effect of CBD for calming and CBD for focus etc. Here, I'll talk about it in detail for your understanding.


The Entourage effect is a very popular theory. It is an effect that is achieved when we introduce a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes within our body. This interaction contributes to the various effects we experience when we take hemp-derived products, such as CBD oil. The Entourage Effect is basically an effect meaning that multiple compounds are coming together to offer a more well-balanced experience.


Normally, THC is the most known cannabinoid and also is the one that acts as an intoxicant. Its effects are beneficial as well, but in some cases, it lacks some important properties. But if we mix it with other compounds, like CBD or other cannabinoids this problem can be solved. Their effect will be increased. When combined with a blend of terpenes you will achieve a full Entourage Effect!


You need these present to achieve the Entourage Effect:


Broad-spectrum CBD Oil

Broad-spectrum CBD is a popular used product nowadays. Its unique characteristic is that it has a lot of compounds produced naturally in the cannabis plant, but it does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. That is why broad-spectrum CBD oil is popular among people who are looking for a well-rounded experience. However, some products might hold a small quantity of THC, but with CUR we do not show traces of THC in our products.

*See individual tests HERE for specific results on CUR products.


Broad-spectrum distillation helps to extract some useful natural compounds, while pulling out the THC compound. These natural compounds are mainly various kinds of cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and so many more. These cannabinoids mixed with terpenes help someone achieve the Entourage effect. As there is no THC in the broad-spectrum oil, you should not experience any unintended effects. It also increases the effectiveness of CBD products when formulated correctly, with high-quality ingredients.


Another thing is broad-spectrum CBD oils are more naturally produced than other CBD oil spectrums. For example, in the CBD isolate distillation process, the plant has to go through a lot of processes to extract the CBD. But broad-spectrum CBD oils are not as process-heavy, which is better for the body when looking at a quality aspect. In addition, these oils have strong scents and flavors with our terpene blends infused for that extra WOW factor!


That is why broad-spectrum CBD oils work well with our bodies. As they are produced with precise formulations using high quality ingredients, and all of the useful terpenes are present there. All things considered, this is what enhances the useful qualities of CBD products and ensures the best results customers seek in a top CBD company.


Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Why do we need Terpenes?

Terpenes are basically chemical compounds that are found in plants naturally. They contribute to the distinct scent, color, and taste of the given plant.


Like all plants, hemp plants have terpenes also. You should not confuse them with cannabinoid compounds. They have different functions too. Terpenes are present in every kind of plant. This compound is responsible for the unique flavor and scent every plant, flower, and fruit has. So they are responsible for the difference each plant has among themselves.


Terpenes are very important when it comes to cannabis. In this case, terpenes are natural oil that is produced from the plant. Different cannabis strains contain different kinds of terpenes. That is why different strains have different aromas and tastes. Scientists have found more than 100 kinds of terpenes in cannabis plants. That is why terpenes are important when thinking about the possibilities of options when seeking a specific experience within a product.


If you have ever used beneficial essential oils, then you have most likely experienced some sort of terpene. The essential oil products are typically formulated to offer specific benefits and this is why they have become so popular. Imagine adding that with another, more-popular, CUR CBD products.


Effects of Terpenes  

Terpenes do a wide range of things in plants, but for now we will only talk about their functions in regards to hemp plants. Normally, each strain, or breed, of plant contains a unique combination of terpenes. This is a very important thing. The very first thing that terpenes do is attract pollinators with their scent and flavors.


Apart from these, they also contribute to the effect of CBD oils. Earlier, people used to think only THC and CBD were responsible for the entourage effect people experienced. But now we know that terpenes also react with the body and contribute to the Entourage effect. Even if two strains have the same THC and CBD level, because of the different terpene blends, the experience can vary. This is how we have created our CALM CBD oil and those moments you just need to relax a bit. We have also made our ENERGY CBD oil that is great for that active lifestyle you want to enjoy a bit more. Our fan-favorite is the FOCUS CBD oil, which is not the “limitless pill”, but we have heard of people getting those tedious tasks done before they get the second reminder on their iPhone.


Terpenes contribute hugely to the therapeutic properties of cannabis. Some combinations of terpenes along with THC and CBD increase concentration and focus. On the other hand, terpenes specialize in relaxation and reducing stress. Some also elevate your mood for the better. They can help with insomnia and paranoia. They also help with body pain.



Many people consume hemp-derived products and more are showing high-interest, but not a lot of people have a clear understanding of how THC or CBD oil can be beneficial for us when combined with other ingredients that enable the Entourage Effect.

To achieve the best results when using hemp-derived products, such as our CBD Oil for Energy, you want to ensure that it is either Full-Spectrum or Broad-Spectrum, and it contains a high-quality and well-formulated blend of Terpenes. This will be the key to the door when looking for the best experience within products like CBD oil for Focus and even CBD oil for Calm moments.

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